Let's talk: Is the world taking political correctness too far?

London tube stations could be heading for a change.

Londoners are being accused of taking political correctness one step too far after a proposal to change the tube stations’ iconic voice over announcement to be more gender neutral.

The call come after 19-year-old Aimee Challenor called Transport for London and was told by the person on the other end of the line she “didn’t sound like a Miss” after they asked for her title.

Now, the city’s mayor says they may get rid of the iconic opening of “ladies and gentlemen” that rings out through the tube stations every day in favour of something more inclusive.

The classic English voice has become know to people around the world, with many who visit the city noting how proper and polite the tube announcer’s voice is.

So has the city gone to far here? While inclusiveness for everyone is definitely important many are questioning whether or not we need to take it this far.

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There’s no word yet on what they would change the announcement to, but many are guessing it will be something generic like “everyone” or “commuters”.

There has been a huge push lately for more gender neutral awareness with same-sex bathrooms popping up around the country and programs being taught in schools to help kids became more aware.

Some people, like Aimee, think it’s a great idea and will help everyone feel included.

“There are many people out there with some degree of gender variance and, with our huge population, a large number of Londoners will be trans and non binary,” Aimee said.

“Gender neutral announcements will make a difference not just to trans people but to everyone who thinks being greeted as ‘ladies and gentleman’ is out of date.”

Others though have bluntly told people to get over it.

What do you think? Should announcements like this be gender neutral? Or is this overkill?