Let's talk: How many companies have you worked for?

laughing senior businesswoman holding stack of files and papers

How many different jobs have you had in your life and how many companies have you worked for?  Looking back on our careers at sixty years old it is amazing to consider how the world has changed in four or even five decades of working life.  And today we want to talk about it.

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It used to be that you left school, got a job and worked hard to get noticed for a career in that company.  Many people retiring today have spent decades in their companies, and take great pride in the legacy they are leaving behind.  But this does not seem to be the way of the future!  Why do you think that is?

Recent employment trends see younger generations changing employers as frequently as annually or every three years, either chasing different experiences more money or more prestige.

Today we want to hear about your career, and how many employers you have had.

Have you worked in a traditional career across a small number of companies in your lifetime?  Or have you moved around with diverse experiences via many employers.

What was your longest role?