Let's Talk: do you think "She Sheds" will sweep the nation?

Sometimes it can be difficult to find calm in our chaotic world, even just for a few moments. Thousands of men have secured a “man cave” in their homes but what about for us ladies?

Fortunately, women have answered and are now creating their own space to go just like our male counterparts. It’s called a She Shed. These women are transforming ordinary sheds into a place of serenity, to do lady-things. It’s supposed to be a retreat for some solitude – the ultimate sanctuary. The garden shed has typically been the domain of the man or has gone unused, filled with junk and rusty tools. In fact, most men are more than okay with having an old rotting shack but now woman are demanding this space for their own benefit, to call their own. The She Shed is their home away from home, just a few steps away from their daily stress and reality in their garden.

The shed is defined to suit the needs for woman – frilly and girly – the opposite of the man cave. Really, it can be whatever you want it to be. The idea is that it’s own your own space – no boys allowed! You can plan your partner in front of the TV and easily escape to your She Shed! Plus, it’s a bit of a fun project to work on.

Take a look at some of these brilliant She Sheds. You won’t believe that these shacks used to be used for tools such a waste! You can almost hear the birds chirping just looking that these divine sheds. You’ll definitely want one. What would you want in your She Shed? 


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 Image Source: Lighter Side of Real Estate


Do you think She Sheds will sweep the nation? Do you have a special space in your house? Does your husband have a man cav