Let's talk: do we need more campaigns like this?

For the first time ever, Kmart Australia has featured two young male models with disabilities in its new catalogue.

The Easter campaign has won high praise from hundreds of people who say Kmart is leading the way for other companies to be more inclusive of all Australians.

Kmart says the decision to incorporate a more diverse group of children was made to better represent all Australian people.

Bronwyn, who is the mother of 11-year-old Cooper, who has Cerebral palsy and was featured in the catalogue, says she welcomes the change.

“For me, the shoot was very respectful and engaging,” she told Buzzfeed.

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“They spoke to Cooper just as they would any other 11-year-old. He felt extremely welcome and proud.

“He still couldn’t really believe he was in the catalogue! He was so excited to see himself represent Kmart and represent kids who have a disability. He is very proud of who he is, including the fact he has Cerebral Palsy.”

Cooper Kmart

People jumped online as soon as the campaign was released to share their praise.

“Great work on the new catalogue! You’ve definitely raised the bar,” said one supporter.

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“Just wanted to say well done on a brilliant new catalogue featuring children with a disability!,” another wrote.

It is the first time Kmart Australia has featured a model with a disability. Target Australia has previously featured a model with Down Syndrome, but we are yet to see this kind thing happen on a regular basis.

In the past, many have criticised Australian companies for a lack of diversity in advertising and are happy to see one of our biggest companies taking a positive step forward.

As always there were people who took the opportunity to make crude remarks about the catalogue, but their comments were largely drowned out by supporters of the two young boys.

What do you think about Kmart’s new campaign? Do you think companies should embrace diversity and use more models with disabilities?