'I've been blessed to have had so many Valentines'

I have had my fair share of Valentines over the years and thankfully I have been very blessed with all of them.

My Valentines have always put their trust in me, and I never failed any of them.

My Valentines have always been my guardian angels, they have all been very protective in their own way.

My Valentines have always brought nothing but happiness into my life.

My Valentines have always given me nothing but love and loyalty and have never expected anything in return.

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My Valentines have never cared when I got tired and fell behind with housework.

My Valentines have always seen the best there is in me, they have all made me feel loved.

My Valentines have never judged me, at times I have been so depressed I couldn’t get out of bed, they would lay with me until I felt better.

My Valentines have never cared that I am not wealthy.I have always managed to keep a roof over our heads and food in the cupboards.

My Valentines have kept me connected to life, they have helped keep my thoughts positive.

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I rescued all of my Valentines but in reality they rescued me. Some had paws, some had feathers, all were loved, all are missed.

How do you remember your Valentines? Share your thoughts with us.

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