It's an age old question... which way do you go?

For some reason I woke up this morning with a question on my lips: Which is better, chocolate or sex? It could be because I’m older and sex – while still really enjoyable – is not as frequent an occurrence as it used to be.

Or it could be because I have just come back from a holiday in Malaysia where the chocolate was not as good as that in Australia. Ever since I have come back, I have been craving chocolate and, since I am on a diet, that craving is not showing any signs of going away.

I polled a few Baby Boomer girlfriends.

“Chocolate, definitely,” one said.

“Yes, chocolate. Sex isn’t quite what it used to be,” the second said.

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And the third: “Sex. It doesn’t last as long but it’s still wonderful.”

Jumping online, I saw my first two girl friends were not in the majority in ranking chocolate number one.

A Cadbury Chocolate survey ranked chocolate over sex overwhelmingly, and even a French survey did the same.

One of the reasons was that “chocolate gives guaranteed pleasure”.

Um, I thought to myself. Haven’t they heard of Viagra?

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Jokes aside, neither study gave an age breakdown, but I’m sure chocolate would rank even higher in the older age brackets. As we all know, sex can still be really lovely when you’re older, but for most of us it is not quite the same marathon of abandonment it was when we were young.

Me? Sex or chocolate? Chocolate or sex? I’m still undecided. I cannot see why you cannot have both, to be honest. Or why not combine the two and have chocolate before or after sex?

All this talk of chocolate is making me crave chocolate again, so for those in the same boat I thought I’d share this recipe for a Better Than Sex Cake.

The description says it’s a rich chocolate cake with caramel, toffee, and whipped topping. Yum. I’ll leave you with those images lingering in your mind…

Let’s talk: Which one do you vote for? Or are you a foot-in-both camps person? If you voted for sex, we want to know how you keep the spark alive – the clean version please!