Has Jacqui Lambie made a reasonable suggestion regarding Halal?

According to The New Daily, Jacqui Lambie announced that she will introduce a private senator’s bill to make it a legal requirement for Halal certifiers to disclose how their feed are being spent. While speaking in the Senate on Tuesday night, she made the suggestion that “Halal Money” funds the Islamic State.

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Now, large organisations across Australia have to legally disclose where their funds are being spent to make sure Australian business is being conducted with integrity and respect for laws – so why shouldn’t halal certifiers?

When thinking about it, it’s quite a reasonable suggestion. There is so much negative speculation around Halal certification. Brands like Cadbury who pay for the certification have experienced huge uproar from the public driven by social media with thousands of people boycotting the product. This could be chance for the Islamic community to teach the average Australian what Halal is all about and prove that these activities are not related to terrorism as is believed by many.

Then there’s the other side of the argument – why should they have to do something in the face of discrimination? Some people could interpret this as blatant discrimination despite the fact that it could possibly encourage understanding and acceptance.

Could this be one of Jacqui’s better suggestions during her time in politics? It gives a minority society a chance to be understood by the majority and also dispel any rumours and prove that they’re acting with moral conduct.

Tonight we want to know – what do you think? Do you agree with this bill? Do you think it should go ahead? Share your thoughts in the comments below…