Do your grandkids know the national anthem?

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We grew up singing the national anthem every morning at school. We heard it regularly and learning it was something that happened in the home and at school from a very young age.

But, generations of today aren’t so well informed, as a new study has found that more young Australians know the words to popular song “Get Lucky” than they do the national anthem, Advance Australia Fair.

According to the Daily Mail, a survey was conducted of Australians age 18 to 29 and found that 84% of participants knew the words to Get Lucky whereas only 71% knew the words to Advance Australia Fair.

It’s sad to think that one of the only things that help people identify as a true Australian is being lost in pop culture and losing significance.

But, do you think that it is important for future generations to know the words of our national anthem? Do your grandchildren know it? Should there be a program to teach Australian history and culture with more structure and importance in Australian primary schools? Have your say today…