I nearly lost my life because someone was in too much of a hurry
By Guest ContributorIn BlogsOn Thursday 6th Sep, 2018

I nearly lost my life because someone was in too much of a hurry

The driver of the vehicle was distracted by a phone call and didn't see what was in front of him. Source: Pexels

Recently, I rode my mobility scooter to the shops. Though I don’t need it, it is handy if I have to carry heavy stuff home. I am always very ‘aware’ of crossing roads and I always stop and have a good look at the entry and exit points in the shopping center carpark. My children might describe me as a bit of a ‘Safety Sam’ type when it comes to things like that, the reality is too many people behind the wheel simply don’t look both ways when they are using the exit.

A black shiny expensive looking car hit me, he didn’t look both ways. The scooter was locked under the front guard and he still kept moving forward. It was as if he was day dreaming then I saw his mouth moving… He was talking on a bloody phone. I thought my right leg was going to get messed up. If there had been a break in the traffic he would have put his foot down and knocked me flying because even though I was pinned under his car, he never looked my way at all. I only managed to get his attention when I started thumping the hell out of the bonnet of his fancy car.

When he finally stopped talking and got out of the car he was full of apologies. I wanted to slap the stupid out of him. I was shaken, but more cranky than upset because it made me realise how quickly everything can change. It only takes one idiot and your life can be ruined. If it had been an elderly person in the same situation, they would not have had the reflexes to react quickly and the ending could have been very different.

I was trapped in an awkward position but I was cranky and determined. I pulled the scooter out from under the guard. The man asked me if I was all right. He asked me to wait because he wanted to make sure my leg was okay, but I had no intention of saying anything to make him feel better.

Everybody is in too much of a hurry these days. The world needs to slow down. The definitely need to stop talking on phones. I honestly don’t care if cars have hands-free or bluetooth, talking on a phone while driving is still a distraction. This recent accident proved that to me. You would not expect a child to be able to sit and study for an exam and hold a conversation on a different subject at the same time, so why do people think it is acceptable when they are behind the wheel of what is the equivalent of a very powerful weapon. Technology will be the death of the human race.

Are you concerned about people’s lack of attention due to technology and distraction? Have you ever had your safety compromised?

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