Children later in life

What do Sonia Kruger and Nicole Kidman have in common?

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They are both fair-haired Aussie women and they both want to have a child in their late 40s.

Earlier this year, Sonia Kruger announced that she was expecting a baby in January, at 48 years of age. The Australian public were divided; was it okay for Sonia to attempt to deliver a healthy baby knowing the associated risks? Would a woman advancing 50 have the energy to run around with a toddler? We thought it was fantastic – Sonia had no other children and she will be a loving mother, no matter her age.

This week Nicole Kidman told radio presenters Kyle and Jackie O that every month she crosses her fingers, hoping that she will conceive. Nicole already has four children, two in their 20s and two under 6. She wants to add to her brood and today we want to know what you think about having children in different generations.

Let’s talk today: did you have kids earlier in life and again when you were older? Did you plan for it? Do you think Nicole should have another child?