Carrie Bickmore blasted for calling co-host a 'w*****' on LIVE TV

Carried Bickmore is facing the wrath of viewers of The Project after she called co-host Steve Price a ‘w*****’ during the show’s live broadcast on Monday, August 22.

Her brash comment came after journalist Price said he wouldn’t have any problem spending $3,000 on a truffle.

WARNING: Contains swearing

One social media user compared Bickmore’s use of the word with Price’s recent appearance in the media for calling a woman ‘hysterical’, saying “So @BickmoreCarrie calls @StevePriceMedia a w*****, no one bats an eye. He calls a woman hysterical and they loses (sic) their minds”.

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Many social media users were outraged that Bickmore’s verbals were overshadowed by the change in her hair colour, with one user saying “Carrie Bickmore just called Steve Price a W*****. Bam! That’s what we should talk about more than her hair colour”.

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Others just highlighted their disappointment and lack of professionalism from the desk anchor.

However, while many were dissing the mother-of-two (soon to be three) for her inappropriate comment, other fans were quick to jump to her defence.

What do you think?

Was there anything inappropriate about what Carrie Bickmore said to Steve Price? Should we expect a higher standard from those in the public eye?