An open letter to Barnaby Joyce from a 60-plus voter

Dear Barnaby,

While waiting in line at the checkouts this morning I was listening to the two ladies in front of me. They were discussing your extra curricular activities of late.

We got to chatting and we all agreed that the media seem intent on crucifying you; they need to be held accountable for the damage they do. The constant unwanted attention must be getting you down, the only good thing for us is we are getting a break from the antics of Donald Trump.

I have been reading comments on the internet that are obviously from people that should be listed for knighthoods from the Queen — they have never made a mistake in their lives — because they are all pointing their self-righteous fingers your way.

I do not in any way like your behaviour of late, but people need to realise it is your life and you alone will be held accountable for your actions.

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Everybody needs to calm down and worry about their own backyards.

Call in for a beer next time you are in the area.


Do you agree that people need to focus more on themselves and less on the actions of those around them? Or does Barnaby Joyce have a case to answer?

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