Australian women have that extra sparkle

I’m just an old bloke so I can very easily be wrong! After all what does a mere male, (even young ones), know about what goes on in the fashion industry? But, ignorant as I am, I cannot help thinking that there is something very out of kilter in that fine industry at the moment, and it’s plain to see every time you turn on the television when there is a fashion parade broadcast, or you open a magazine like Vogue.


Sparkly Australian Women - Starts at sixty


The fact is, with one or two notable exceptions, every model, in every show, looks as miserable as sin. They stalk down the aisle with expressions on their faces that would make an egg go bad. There must be something amiss for such universal disgust, and with no attempt made to hide the fact either!

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Could it be that all the male fashion designers are also sexual perverts, who attack these models while they are preparing for the show? I doubt that, because the models look just as unhappy when they are demonstrating the creations of female designers too.

Or could it be that none of them are getting paid enough for the work that they do? Again, it seems unlikely, if you believe the stories in the fashion press, about models who say they don’t get out of bed for less than ten thousand dollars a day. Although I don’t suppose they all earn that much it would seem likely they mostly earn a pretty good wage, earned for sitting around having their makeup applied for them by experts, their clothes put on and fitted by other experts, followed by the trauma of having to walk twenty metres or so, in front of a crowd of men and women, (mostly experts too!).

That last bit must be the toughest part of their job – the thought that they, and the clothes they are wearing might be criticized, when they undoubtedly think of themselves as next to perfect.

One of the very few exceptions to this air of woe displayed at the present time by models is Miranda Kerr. Yes, she has a lovely life with a beautiful baby and although her marriage might not be so steady, she does have a lot to be happy about, but let’s face it; she has always projected a personality that sparkles and flashes like a short-circuited light bulb, whenever you see her. She is the only model I can think of who saunters down the aisle in some exquisite number with a grin on her face and then, before returning to the back stage, winks at the audience! Her every action serves to make the clothes she is wearing appear to be more desirable than they may actually be, simply because he makes those watching her feel subconsciously better.

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There is also another model who manages to display the same aura of charm and cheerfulness and that is of course, Jennifer Hawkins, a delicious young lady who, as well as being a very successful model, is also the main representative for the Myers fashion department. Her sparkle also earned her the title of Miss Universe a few years ago, undoubtedly won as much by her happy demeanor as her good looks – and she is by no means ugly!

The interesting thing about these two girls is that both are Australian! Is that coincidence do you think? Or is there something about the lifestyle here, or the climate, that makes girls from this country be happy, and so stand out in a crowd? Go Aussie Girls Go!!


As Australian men and women, do you think that we all have that “extra sparkle?” Where do you think it comes from?