Another perspective on the Reclaim Australia discussion

As a nation we cannot afford to allow divisive verbal attacks on and marginalising our fellow Australians for holding views that are not in keeping with the self-declared moral superiority of the commentariat. While they declare any criticism of ethnic or religious minorities (with the notable exception of Christians) to be ‘racist’ they in turn do not hold back on their savage criticism of anyone who does not hold their so-called progressive views.

From what I saw on TV it wasn’t the Reclaim people who were the aggressors. They were protesting against extreme Islamism, which is their right and in that I imagine many Australians support them.

However, at the rallies it was the so called anti racism protesters who hid their faces and indulged in violence with not only Reclaim but with the police. Their mission was to close down any discussion they don’t agree with. It seems these fascist minded people who believe in their absolute superiority are the biggest threat to freedom of expression.

If Reclaim turns out to be a front for extreme reactionary violence that would do harm to Australian Muslims then I will have no truck with them. However, I support their right to express their views and ask questions of our leaders that I think any fair minded Australian of any background wants discussed. Reclaim’s purpose, mission and information about itself seems fair and balanced enough … seeking to make a stand against radical Islam and Islamists: “For the first time in our recent history Australians have now been exposed to hostage sieges, attacks on our police and service people, foiled beheading and bombing attempts, here on our soil. As a result Military and service uniforms may no longer be worn off duty in public because of security issues linked to only ONE group—the so called “radicals of Islam”.

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The rallies are a public response to the shock of recent atrocities of “Islam’s radicals” both inside and outside of Australia, echoed by our media.”

If I can offer a thought. If the world had protested against Nazism in the 1930s then it is arguable that the Nazis might not have ruled in Germany and WW2 might not have occurred. Reclaim is protesting against Islamism .. an ideology that is abhorrent and an affront to Western Democracy just as Nazism was found to be. There can be no defence of Islamism.


By John Austin


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