An unspoken conversation with myself


Listen in to my thought conversation with myself and worry about the consequences!

I’ll just water that new potplant while the sink is filling ready for washing up. Why waste time just standing here? It isn’t doing as well as I had hoped; I’ll move it further up the backyard where it will get more sun. How exciting: there is a bud on that rose bush that I’ve potted and put on the old barbecue deck. At last I might have found a spot that is suited to roses. This area is quite a special part of the garden – if I close my eyes for a moment I can see Bill digging it out and laying bricks to create this area, Christine must have been about three and she is “helping” him, waving a hose around damping down the area. Those green corduroy overalls are going to be soaked. It seems impossible to believe that image in my mind of Christine should now think of her as a grandmother!

We had some really happy times in this area when ….eeeek, the sink, the water!

Of course the sink was overflowing and into the cupboards below. I don’t have time for this; I’m going to have to empty all of these cupboards to dry them out.

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How could there be so much? I haven’t used this plastic stuff for an absolute age so that can go. Maybe not these pieces they are bound to come in useful. I’d forgotten I had so much Tupperware. I think this covered container was a hostess gift at one of those Tupperware parties I was convinced to run. I suppose they were a good way to get a social life with neighbours and friends and at the time most things were quite useful. I must have gone to a lot of parties because I could never afford to buy much at any one of them. These days there are so many other brands on the market and most are quite cheap; I wonder if they still have those parties. They actually were fun.

Now here is a blast from the past: I wonder if my granddaughters will recognise what this is for? My old mincer, it even still has the screw clamp that I used to clamp it onto the kitchen bench. Not very practical for the caesar stone benches I presently have. Weren’t times different? Money was tight when we first married so being thrifty was important for all housewives. The butcher in Manly used to sell half lambs – I can recall paying 17 pence a pound and he was always so helpful and sawed through the big bones. The first time I bought a side from him he gave me a few tips on how to finish off the cutting up of the side when I got home. I even minced up the odd leftover bits with that mincer of mine but it was usually used to mince cheaper cuts of beef. I wonder what star rating my mince would have achieved in these days.

Ah look, here are some fowler glass preserving bottles. Our wonderful little turquoise VW would take us off into rural areas (not so very far away in those days!) to buy cases of fruit from orchard gates so that I could preserve the fruit.
Do you have older items you used to use still lying around your house? What do you think future generations would say about them? Tell us in the comments below!