Abundant August and the positivity it brings

“You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” – Winnie the Pooh

Challenges. We each have our share. No matter who you are or what you do, every one of us has obstacles to overcome and difficulties to surmount. It’s a part of life, learning and being human. Within these lessons we are also given the opportunity to overcome our fears, worries and issues of doubt. These are the building blocks that make us who we are and encourage confidence. No matter what your struggle, always remember: You are stronger than you know! This is the month to acknowledge your personal strength and cheer on your inner champion!

Acknowledging the challenges you’ve already overcome in life brings greater awareness of your capabilities. Know that you have gotten smarter, wiser and more experienced from the battles that you’ve endured and conquered. You have grown, you have learned, you have survived! Believe, without doubt, that YOU are an amazing person – and will be even more so once you acknowledge how strong you truly are!

In the weeks ahead Leo energies fuel our inner confidence while Virgo’s vibe supports our intellectual fortitude. August encourages us to embrace our inner strength, have faith in our unique abilities and honour the true fact that we can overcome any obstacle! Remember: no matter the challenge, you can deal with it because YOU ARE strong! What can YOU look forward to in this month ahead? Here’s your Motivational Astrology Forecast for August 2016:

We begin the month with a New Moon in Leo on the 3rd. This outgoing and warm-hearted Lunar cycle brings feelings of strength, emotional confidence and ability to create the future you want. It’s time to speak your truth and honour the shining spirit within you! Leo inspires creativity, courage and cultivation of self belief and self assurance. This is an ideal time to set intentions that re-energise your inner creative muse and that grow your personal power!

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Also on August 3, Mars goes into Sagittarius. As the planet of action and aggression finally moves out of turbulent Scorpio, we come into a new two-month period of expansion. We now have greater power to advance our goals and find pleasure in our visions for the future! In assessing our plans and activities now, we’re better able to understand what brings us fulfilment and what hampers our freedom. This progressive cycle of growth broadens our horizons, bringing new adventures and the ability to embrace greater freedom, optimism and confidence.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty moves into Virgo on August 6. As such, the way we demonstrate love, tenderness and enjoyment shifts from overt to more reserved, practical and pragmatic. This marks a time when we seek greater security, stability and conscious understanding of others and ourselves. Our interactions and relationships need to make more sense, be more serviceable and have a purposeful place in our lives.

A Full Moon in Aquarius illumines the sky on the August 18. This lunar energy brings to light original and unusual ways of expression and thinking, helping us to take a stand – to speak up and stick up for ourselves and for those needing a voice! Share your vision for the ‘greater good’, helping to bring about change and make a difference in the world! Not being satisfied with the status quo or the usual responses, we can now find our answers outside the box.

On August 23 ,as the Sun moves into Virgo, our energies shift into a more cerebral and meticulous form of expression. We are prompted now to establish new routines for building greater strength and holistic balance. We can now consider the alliance and balance needed to honour the mental, emotional and physical side of our lives. This is the time for finding better ways to focus on and honour the nuances of who we are and the gifts we bring to this world.

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As Venus goes into Libra on August 30, beauty, love, enjoyment and creativity are brought forth with this new Venusian phase. Relationships, affections, artistry and aphrodisiac feelings are strong now. We have luck on our side when it comes to connecting with others, manifesting new relationships and finding more beauty (and balance) in our lives! Now is the time to meet up, share and show your creative ingenuity.

Finally, Mercury in Virgo goes Retrograde on August 31. As the planet ruling our thoughts, communications and interactions starts its backward path, we’re urged to pay more attention to the details in our lives. For the next three weeks we are urged to double-check facts, figures and all communications as misquotes and miscalculations are likely. Use this time to research creative approaches to your concerns but don’t implement new activities until Mercury goes Direct (September 22)!

Abundant August Wishes and Positive Energy to YOU!

With Warmth, Heart and StarLight.
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