A letter to Hazel Hawke... can you add to it?



On the day of Hazel Hawke’s memorial, we just want to say thank you.


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Thank you for being so inspiring to women. You had such dignity and strength as the women behind the prime minister. You battled infidelity and divorce so gracefully in the public spotlight while remaining focused on raising your children.


You were a passionate pianist, patron of the arts and worked tirelessly for social issues and advocated strongly for many women’s issues.  In later life you were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and showed your strength in your tremendous work to raise awareness about the disease.


Today you will be remembered and your life celebrated in one the places you loved the most, the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House.

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Hazel, you are a true inspiration for Australian women. Thank you for showing us what it means to make the most out of every moment in life and show strength, grace and dignity in the face of adversity.


We will miss you.