A gay fairytale

It was a discontented winter and all was not well in the Land of Oz.

The King of Infrastructure had been dealt a non-fatal blow along the lines “it’s just a flesh wound Hoppy”, by the King of Innovation. To make matters worse a blight on both their houses was led by the red headed wicked witch of the North who with others was sitting uncontrollably in the Uppity House.

Down in the basement of the house there was also opposition from the would-be if he could-be King, William the Shorten of South of the Murray Land.

A thorn in the side of the King of Innovation, the pressure was mounting to send the King back from whence he came. The King was under siege not only from William the Shorten, and the Infrastructure King and the Uppity House but from internal barons who would have his head on a pike if they could.

What was the King to do?

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I know he said to Madame Lucy the Queen of Innovation, a distraction is the way to turn the attention of the peasants away from these machinations. I’ll get a plebiscite out of the cabinet and get the peasants to vote on whether gay people can get married and be unhappy like the rest of us married people.

However, the William the Shorten Followers and some of the uppities said “No. No. No! We should decide whether gay people should be happy or not. The peasants put us here to do that.”

“No,” said the King of Innovation. “The peasants want to play their role as plebeians and tell us what we already know.”

Then all of a suddenly someone said, “Why don’t we ask gay people what they want?” and we all lived unhappily ever after.

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