A dose of realism

Having just finished reading articles on Trump’s alleged explosion with Turnbull and I am sick to death with the reporting.  What the hell do you expect? The refugee deal is a dumb deal.

All our Politicians can do is constantly throw insults at each other, the latest being what Turnbull does with his own money. Who gives a damn. Do we not want our elected Politicians to get on with running this Country as they are paid to do and stop infighting one party against another party. The opposition should be coming up with either agreement or sensible alternative policies for discussion, not a ‘have one over’ attitude that gets us nowhere and is plain annoying.

Our debt is increasing out of sight, over $500billion now, unemployment is rising (don’t be fooled by statistics, our younger generation have little or no chance), industries are closing down, we are making nothing , we export coal and meat (we keep the rubbish for ourselves at exaggerated prices) and that’s about it, we haven’t even got a local car anymore, our power is some of the dearests in the world, our telephone systems are a laughing stock and we do not have a decent transport system. 

As a country we are more worried about same-sex marriage, giving out freebies such as childcare and what happened in this Country over 200years ago that has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with current generation or future generations, than working out the serious problems we have. It’s about time some of the so-called ‘indigenous community’ stopped sponging off the rest of the country and stood on their own two feet. I know I am not part of their problem, they do not own my land, and there is very little ‘traditional’ about them. Political Correctness has been allowed to become rampant instead of being quashed; it has wrecked otherwise normal verbal exchanges which now are becoming trendy to quote as racist. Absolute bull dust.

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Australians are becoming weak, feeble, puny, fragile, delicate, whatever adjective you want to use and a once friendly nation is imploding. The ABC has gone so left its falling off the planet, and it’s not worth mentioning the commercial channels. Reporting in this Country is woeful, but reflects the standard of education and the loss of the original base standards this Country was built on. 

Let in the 1250 poor people who are being treated like pawns and get on with turning the ship around working hard and seeking less as a Nation. Start working for the benefit of our population and not the ups and downs of the Dow Jones index or any other index for that matter. We have become a Nation more concern about economics than our people. Big business has been allowed to monopolise and become controlling. Australian businesses need to stay Australian and stop the influx of takeovers from other Countries. People are far more important than businesses, and shares are not what it’s about.  

This is a large Country with plenty of space, with hundreds of great small towns scattered all over the Country willing and able to take people with a lifestyle and facilities to match.  Massive incentives should be given to Australian businesses to move to the Country. There is plenty of Crown Land doing nothing.

Businesses should be offered land to build the infrastructure required, free of rent and rates with a guarantee of an Australian workforce. House prices in such town must be capped to stop unscrupulous real estate agents and so call investors taking advantage causing what has happened in our major cities. It must be matched and built side by side with an efficient transport system to ensure distribution of goods. This alone would employ thousand of people nationwide for years; it would be another ambitious snowy river type project.    

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Australia must adopt a zero attitude to drugs (particularly dealers)and alcohol abuse. Crime should be punished severely; it is not a time for being lenient. If prison facilities are at breaking point then build more, plenty of room in the bush, plenty of unemployed workers available and very experienced professional personnel who have been put out to pasture through no fault of their own and still have an amazing amount to give.  

If juvenile crime is on the increase, bring back the birch, it has an amazing effect on young offenders. They would not want it twice. It was a great deterrent in the Isle of Man until they got soft and stopped it, juvenile crime has escalated since then. Parent of juveniles who commit crimes must be made to bear the responsibility, and if the juvenile persists they’d be deemed unfit parents and the child was taken away, placed into care, and the parents retain financial responsible for all future expenses incurred ensuring little or no additional cost to the community.   

Develop a tough, unforgiving policy towards crime; it must not be tolerated, forget social services, probation, they are failed self-promoting industries giving a lazy and comfortable lifestyle to its operatives. Sentences must fit the crime and be publicly agreeable. Bring back the death penalty, many crimes warrant it and why should such criminals be kept in costly comfortable surroundings for the rest of their life. 

Police forces need a shake up and a reality check  When was the last time you saw a Policeman walking the beat, being part of the community; nowadays they whiz around in fast cars, and the only contact the public has is when they are pulled over for speeding or testing for alcohol or drugs. Police concentrate on revenue raising for the state governments, to pay for the fast cars and the endless time they seem to have off nowadays. The Police Force should return to being a Police Service.

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Is State Governments necessary? Being such a small population the expenditure is just not warranted and having different rules, laws and regulations in each state does not help efficiency. Time for a change time to consolidate Government, there is no valid argument not to do so. Get rid of them and move forward. 

Getting back to Trump, of course, it is a bad deal. Trump is making a statement that we would do well to listen too. He is shaking up a system that has become complacent, lacking direction and purpose.  Do not be too quick to judge Trump, if there is a need to judge then judge the lack of performance of our Government. 

Government has become a club for the few; Australian politicians have lost track of reality, they no longer work for the people, they base the running of the country on economics, share prices and dollar value, which, at the end of the day, is not what life is about and not what the Public wants. Life is not just about business or microeconomics anymore; there it requires a Government that puts People first and last.There is a hesitation to say Country first because to this Government that means investment, business, economics and GDP and many other terms that mean little to so many struggling Australians.  

Life is not one big superannuation; there are important things that come first during life like children, accommodation, education, health and family. If we are living just to provide security at the end of our life what are we living for, what is the purpose? The current superannuation system is an excuse and deflection mechanism for our ailing Government to indoctrinate the Public and cloud the real problems within our Country, problems that have not been addressed and have been let go for several decades. The Government’s call is constantly echoing, invest money, save, save, save, be responsible for later life, and you are poor and should hang your head in shame if you need a pension to survive. That’s wrong.

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The age pension will always be needed, certainly, for this century it will be impossible not to have a system for supporting the aged and unfortunate without it, the statistics make that clear. No need to be a Rhodes Scholar to work out that 9.5 % of real wages will never be enough. The average wage is not $80000 p/a plus as this Government publishes, it is $40000p/a and less in many many cases. The part of society who have sponged off society all their life will never have superannuation, and those who, for no reason of their own, find themselves out of work with zero future work possibilities (that is most people out of work age 50year and above) will never have sufficient superannuation.  There will be a percentage of the population who will never work; they will not have superannuation, For many years yet to come there will be Public who are retiring after 40 or 50 years work with little or no superannuation, it was not available when they started work. The treasurer and finance minister are good at scaremongering a very concerned and not well off Public and at face value have no or little knowledge of the Public’s real circumstances.

We have an inadequate Treasurer and Financial Minister and a Prime Minister who should know better but appears to be wilting under the weight of the job and unable to cope. No leadership evident just care-taking, what promised so much has resulted in nothing. A directional change of mammoth proportions is required, but unfortunately, we do not have the people in the right positions who have the guts to carry it off and see it through to fruition.  

The Treasurer has taken pride in screwing all he can from the less fortunate, the venerable and the pensioner, all easy targets; he does it with a grin on his face. He has failed miserably, he has failed in putting a dent in our gross debt, he is running scared blaming everything and everyone; the public know it is a simple problem, he and the Government have not succeeded, cannot cope, they are dead in the water with no fresh ideas or plans for the future. 

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People enter Politics because they cannot make it in the real world, so the saying goes, it fits many in politics today. They are more concerned about their self-interest and what they can get out of it, than that of the Nation. They have only a short term to worry about and then they can transfer the blame to the next incumbent who enters the mess with good intention but unfortunately with no good ideas. Treasury will always travel the easy road knowing they only have a short period to appease the treasurer then a new one will get the same treatment. After all, they are public servants; they really do not want to rock the boat or do to much work, their retirement is bright and fruitful.

There is no reason that stops the Government buying one of the car companies that have pulled out of Australia. We have the expertise and experience to run such businesses, and this would secure so many jobs bringing back pride and self respect to thousands of people with security.  

Why are good producers of power being shut down making ghost towns where once vibrant communities thrived and causing an unprecedented effect on families and reliant businesses. We are doing so to please the do-gooders and environmentalist to allegedly to make our air cleaner, to control the climate and many other excuses, so we can look good in the eyes of other Countries. Pointless whilst we ship 90% of our coal to China who are happy to release all they can into the air. 

Families must be in a position to buy their own home, it is an Australian tradition and a good one. It is a hard problem considering how Governments have allowed the real estate industry to be badly managed and become profit based making our Cities unaffordable and many people very wealthy. The Government could tomorrow offer some relieve to hard working families by giving tax relief on gross earnings paid out as mortgage payments. The current burden on families must be reduced whilst new inventive methods are found to address the housing destress.

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This Country is a great Country but have we allowed it to be placed in the wrong hands often concerned with self-interest than the Australian good. It is not too late to change from a Country that bends to big business, with an economics based Government creating wealth for a few and a void decremental to the General Public, to one that has faith in the Public and allows families to succeed. 

Do you agree with Paul?  What do you think about the points that he raises?  Let us know in the comments down below.


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