A Christmas letter

Here we are again with another year just about done. Christmas is upon us — a time for fun, laughter, spending too much money, eating too much food and having to spend too much time with relatives that you don’t like.

I wanted to start my own tradition this year, the plan was to have my photo taken on Santa’s lap. I told Mum and she wanted to get in on the act, but on the day we planned to have it done Mum was not well. She did not have the strength to battle the crowds in the shopping centre. I was disappointed, until I remembered seeing a Santa in the front door of the tobacconist at our local shops and with easy access, and friendly staff accomodating us, we got our photo. I guess you would call it a “no frills” photo with a stuffed Santa. If Mum keeps improving I am going to slip away to the shops and get my photo taken with the Santa that has a pulse.

It’s been a hell of a year again, I am just glad we are all made it.

My eldest son still works very hard to stay in shape and maintain the movement he now has, weight can easily become a problem when your movement is so limited. He is at rehab five to six days a week for gym and pool work and he is looking really good, but of course suffers with chronic pain. I just wish he would be more diligent with sun protection. He prefers colour as it makes all the scarring less noticeable. I get that, but I also know the Queensland sun is brutal.

My youngest is proof positive of that with his recent eye cancer scare, his first surgery was for the removal of a growth a mole and a pterygium all from the eyeball, when he got the all clear the relief for all of us was overwhelming. We already know the other is benign, there is no mole just another growth and pterygium, which in itself is scary, both eyes have extreme sun damage. He will have a lot of pain and discomfort for a couple of months.

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I am very proud of my boys and the way they have handled what life has thrown at them. They never complain, they stand and they deal and they always have each other’s back.

Mum has also been through the mill this year, recently hospitalised with pneumonia and arrythmia and of course at 92 it has taken a toll. I was worried about her losing the quality that she has. Three days after her last discharge she got on her mobility scooter and told me she was just going around the block, which would have been about 20 minutes max… two and a half hours later she arrived back home with a smile on her face while looking at the 250 extra grey hairs in my head. The woman is a force… and also a pain in my neck at times.

I think everything is taking a toll on me now. The other day I paid $3.65 for one passionfruit. I was standing in the fruit section of the local shop and I could not for the life of me think of a substitue to go in my fruit salad, and the $3.65 price tag did not register with the magnificent utopia that is my brain.

I was standing there holding it for too long, I looked like a fruit freak, I felt I had no option but to buy it. When I got home I wasn’t sure whether I should put the passionfruit in the fruit salad or hire a taxidermist to preserve my stupidity for future generations.

Anyway, this is an Over and Out from me till next year. Merry Christmas everyone!

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