13 for Thursday: 13 Home Truths

RIDICULOUS, REGIMENTED AND RIOTOUS  Here are 13 things about me…  home truths to share.  Today I want you to share your home truths too…

1. I once had a  very  romantic time,!! half way down a cliff on a camping holiday. Only place we could get away from the crowds and other campers.

2 I used to walk bare foot to the shops all the time with two children in a push chair, two dogs with me, and a cat following. This was in my wild days in New Zealand. I was oblivious then. I must have been a weird sight. The person I am now looks back and shudders at the thought.

3. Used to stick my hair to my cheeks with eyelash glue, you know when the fashion was for curls on the face, then of course I was a bit dicey to dance with, as I would stick to my partner.

4. I once burned a jelly, trying to melt it fast. and cooked an egg until it exploded, have vastly improved in my kitchen prowess since then.

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5. I kept mice when I was three. Obviously this was, a sign for the future, as I love animals now.

6. I used to skate on dusters to clean the floor. A long hallway was soon gleaming.

7. Have used sugar and water to stiffen petticoats when I was a teenager. We all did it to make them stand out. Can’t remember if it stuck to our legs later!

9. Regimented. Although about fifty per cent of my wardrobe comes from charity shops.-

I colour co-ordinate my wardrobe, have 25 things in black and white, 7 in Purple, 5 in blue, four in turquoise,a few in shades of brown or cream and about a dozen pink things., I like them in the right place so when  in a panic I can find things, doesn’t always work of course. So why is it when I am going out the one item I want has magically vanished?

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10. I write lists of lists, and lose them and write more lists and have reminders everywhere. Also have little books which I scribble and doodle in, then also lose them too.

11. I always, always put make up on,– usually in bed! Hate myself looking pale and interesting, and don’t inflict that face on the world. People would run screaming from the sight. Ok so I exaggerate, but if I am serious about it, believe it’s a lack of confidence, if I really didn’t care,  I would go out unadorned.

12. However wine affected, or tired, or ill I am, I cleanse and wash my face and clean my teeth. Whatever time it is….a habit that stays. Once  I cleaned my teeth with gin when the water supply was suspect in Spain.

13. I can paint at high speed, while still watching a meal cook, feeding cats, or putting the washing on! Well I think I can. Until I burn the meal, trod on a cat, and dribble paint in the soup.