10 excellent gift ideas to surprise someone you love

Oscar Wilde once quoted “I don’t want to go to heaven. None of my friends are there”. Clearly, personal relationships or more aptly friendships are the purest forms of companionships in this world. So there arises a natural tendency in us to give gifts to those who we think are valuable in our lives.

By the way, the most precious gifts are not found in supermarket stores, but somewhere deep within our hearts. Nonetheless, we choose to offer them because we want to reflect on how we care about and appreciate our loved ones’ presence. 

If you value someone very much in your life, you probably think sometimes to surprise him/her. So, here are some valuable gift ideas for your special someone:

1. Adorable DIY Crafts

DIY gifts hold immense personal value since they are created with passion and attachment. Also, you put tons of thoughts and love into your item to bring a sense of life in them. If you sometimes enjoy being crafty, you can make a unique craft for your loved one. Custom coloring book, for one, could be an ideal DIY activity for you and then present it to your BFF. If your friends have a weakness for food, you can give them a mason jar with a DIY recipe card, and see how happy they will get.

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2. Enchanting Friendship Coffee Mugs

Your special friends mean a lot to you. Why not give them a mug, so they will always remember you the moment they take a sip of coffee. It is a perfect accessory that you have for them to soothe their mornings and evenings. Without delaying a second, find one with a lovely quote and give it to your best friend – and see the magic.

3. A Book for Deep Insights

When you discover something extraordinary or something new in a book, wouldn’t you like to share it with your friends? Of course! Gifting an insightful book to someone is a way to show them how they matter to you. Moreover, when certain books are fun and practical, they make more than a perfect gift. Though there are thousands of books that are powerful and influential and written in a unique perspective, my personal favorites are: Truth and Beauty by Ann Patchett, Let’s Take a Long Way Home by Gail Caldwell, Angels, and Demons by Dan Brown, and Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.

4. Photo Frames or Scrapbook

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Giving photo frames with pictures of your friendship is a great way to remind them of the memory you have shared. You can make a collage using many memorable photos, or even get creative and come up with a scrapbook that throws light on how you took this journey of friendship. Furthermore, you can print some cool photos, put them in an envelope and give it to your friends with a handwritten note.

5. A Wine to Die For

An exotic bottle of wine is always a delight for giver and recipient. Irrespective of any brand, however, the best wine is the one that you brink with your friends. You can personalize these bottles with a custom wine label wrapped around them. By adding images, photos or text messages in these labels, the clever gift wrap is sure to bring a smile to your friend’s face.

6. Personal Beauty Care Products

Though true friendship goes deep under the skin, it’s not wrong to pray for the healthy skin of your friends either. In some way or the other, we all are attached to certain brands that suit our skin. As a gift separate what you personally use and give your friend what their skin really needs. A cleanser, for example, is a safe bet simply because you apply it and rinse it off right away. Facial scrub could also be a good purchase for them.

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7. An Abrupt Evening Treat

Call your best friend or make a surprise visit and ask him/her to spend the evening wining and dining with you – a great idea anytime. Since you are friends forever, so it’s really fun to find ways to surprise them every now and then to remind them how special they are. The result? You will just brighten their day.

8. A Great Record for Vinyl Lovers

For the music lovers in your life who also have a penchant for antique items, a record would be one of the most pleasant gifts that you give to them. A coloured variant vinyl of their favourite album will always make a great gift. You can give them your favourite albums too. Pink Floyd, Beatles, Led Zepplin and Bryan Adams would be great.

9. Smartphone Vase

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Everyone uses their mobile phones round the clock, sometimes may break them carelessly. Perhaps you can give the best compliment to your friend’s mobile phone – a bedside smartphone vase. It looks like a cool gadget with a flower pot attached to it.

10. A Candle for New Light

An incensed candle in praise of your companionship is what you can make your friend happy with. It’s a surefire way to make their home feel extra warm and cozy. You can pick them in colors with extra soothing effect.

Do you have a special someone to buy a gift for this Valentine’s Day? What things do you look for when buying gifts for others?

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