You've heard of strong coffee, but what about one that could kill you

It might be time to say it, but it might be true that coffee has officially gone crazy. A new breed of coffee entitled “Asskicker” has been developed by an Adelaide coffee company and has many saying “What?” and doctors saying “watch out.”

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Steve Bennington, the owner of Viscous Coffee, was poised with a problem from an emergency department nurse. She wanted something that would keep her awake and alert on night shifts. Normal coffee and unhealthy energy drinks weren’t cutting it so she went to him. Steve created a coffee drink that is designed to drink over four hours.

Steve told, “She consumed her drink over two days and it kept her up for almost three days — I toned it down a little after that, and the Asskicker was born”. The coffee, if you can call it that, contains five grammes of caffeine which work out to be 80 times the amount in your average morning coffee.

While many have taken it as a light hearty novelty product, many experts are quick to point out that caffeine is an addictive drug and should be respected. Side effects of too much caffeine are sleeplessness, jitters, headaches, dizziness, dehydration, abnormal heart rhythms, and of course, caffeine dependence.

Last year a 28-year-old man died after drinking three cans of energy drink before playing basketball. He collapsed and was taken to hospital where he died three days later suffering ventricular tachycardia.

Dr Janice Fletcher who is the president of AMA South Australia told, “Some of the dangers of caffeinated drinks have come to light in recent years particularly in relation to energy drinks, with people collapsing and even dying”. She concluded, “If you are just looking for a pick-me-up or a novelty, we would advise to get it from a healthier source”.

Would you even try a drink like this? What was the worse effect caffeine had on you?