Your say: Would this help you cut back on junk food?

One Australian healthy food advocate has called for some pretty big action against junk food in Australia. The Daily Mail reports that he has ramped up a campaign to change the way food is advertised to children.

Aaron Schultz is the founder of the Game Changer movement – something that is trying to get rid of the association between unhealthy food and sport and he’s now taking on junk food and children.

This week he unveiled his plan that junk food like McDonald’s meals should be labelled in a similar way to cigarettes and at a media conference he presented a burger case labelled with the words, “BIG MACS MAKE BIG CHILDREN” and a picture of two overweight children.

He said, “Just like a cigarette packet demonstrates the causes of cigarette smoking and its damages, this image demonstrates what the fast food product can do to the human body”.


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Last week the ABC reported that four independent reviews of Australia’s plain packaging have been done and across the board they found it was successful. The benefit is that more people now than ever are attempting to quit and are re-thinking their decision to smoke.

So if that has been successful for smoking, would this be successful for obesity?

Do you think this should go ahead? Would you like to see something like this in place? Would it help you?