Your say: Do you still feel safe?

This morning we have woken up to the news that one person has been shot dead in a cafe shooting in Denmark that left over 200 bullets fired and people terrified.

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The Daily Mail reports that two men opened fire in the cafe in a similar style to the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris last month and their target was Lars Vilks, a controversial Swedish cartoonist who had once drawn the Prophet Mohammed as a dog.

The Denmark Police have confirmed they are treating this as an act of terror which raises many questions about this event and society today… What happened to free speech and free artistic license? What happened to respect? But the big question I want to know is what happened to public safety?

We remember the Port Arthur massacre and how that dramatically shifted our feeling of public safety. For the average person, that seems to have happened so long ago but suddenly those feelings of being unsafe and a feeling of a lack of security all come rushing back when these things happen. In Paris, in Denmark, although it was different we had the Sydney Siege last year – all of these horrific event coming closer and closer to home.

At each of the events I just mentioned, innocent people and bystanders have been tragically killed or injured. They were people like you and I going to work, catching up with a friend for coffee or buying some breakfast. Normal people doing normal things.

So today I ask the Starts at 60 community, do you still feel safe every single day?