Your say: Are government priorities right?

Yesterday Tony Abbott’s speech on Australia’s new plans to combat terrorism had everyone talking. Tougher immigration laws, tougher penalties and punishments for crime and other measures have been widely debated by the public. But this morning I saw one comment that had me thinking:

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“Where are the government’s priorities?”

While the matter of national security is a very serious issue, with improvement we hopefully will never witness a repeat of the Lindt Cafe Siege and can prevent Charlie Hebdo-style attacks from happening in this great country. But should these issues be priorities over other things in terms of attention and funding?

What about healthcare, education, welfare, social services?

With every political decision there is something that wins those funds and that attention and something that loses them. So the big question this has us asking is: are the government’s priorities right? Are they serving the needs of Australia in the best way possible?

There are great arguments for yes but there are also arguments for no. But today we want to know, do you feel that the government’s priorities are right? Are we focussing on the right things? Are there things that are being left out far too much? What would you like to see more of in the political agenda? Share your thoughts in the comments below…