Yanks ruin an Aussie classic

It’s a birthday staple for a reason, but now the Yanks have decided to upscale our fairy bread!

American author Katherine Sacks wanted to share her “discovery” of this Australian delicacy with her online readers but right out of the gate started to get it wrong. She wrote, “Despite its striking appearance, in Australia, fairy bread isn’t considered fancy food — the toast is usually eaten as breakfast, as a snack in-between meals, or after dinner to finish off the meal”. If you are an Aussie that grew up either eating or serving the soggy butter and 100s and 1000s laden white bread than you might already be screaming “Toast? Is she mad?”

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As well as not being made on toast, when have you had fairy bread for breakfast or a snack that wasn’t on the same day as a kid’s party? The author then goes on to show how to make it and right away misses the point of the amazingly simple, hence why it’s for kid’s parties only, treat. However, her website is the kind that always shows it’s food on rustic wood cutting boards with random trinkets strewn about.

“To make fairy bread, use a nice cultured butter (even better, make your own) and spread it on thick; about two tablespoons per piece of toast,” she wrote before adding “As for the sprinkles, although classic round rainbow sprinkles are traditional for Aussies, I much prefer the texture of sparkly sanding sugar, which makes the treat more like the sugared toast I grew up with”. Many Aussies in the comments suggested that if she was making “sugared toast” of her youth than she wasn’t really making fairy bread.

What do you think of a new interpretation of fairy bread? Too far?