Woolworths' giant deli fail

My local Woolworths store has really got me mad this week and I have to ask whether others feel the same.

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In their fight to economise the staffing of their deli (it seems), they have removed all the fresh cured meats from the deli window and replaced it with a shelving system that allows you to “self-serve grab and go” your deli meats in 100g lots.

I normally purchase approximately 400g of ham or other deli meat each week, and I do so by walking up to the counter to the service personnel and have them select the weighed and measured items to the quantity I want before wrapping them and putting them in butchers paper.  It has been that way for a long time.  I don’t mind  waiting to be served, nor do I mind waiting while my deli meats are cut.

My purchase on Saturday for the coming week of 400g of ham had this week to be bought in 4 separately packaged lots, complete with a plastic tray, wrapping and a sticker. Sure, it didn’t cost me any more, nor did it put me in any inconvenience.  Yet I am faced with the feeling that this is not the most appropriate way to buy deli meats.  If I wanted to buy pre-packed deli meats, surely I would go to the meats section and buy HANS prepacked meats?

And so I ask you today if your local supermarket is introducing the same mechanisms to reduce deli staffing, or perhaps increase instore efficiency and whether you like buying your smallgoods this way?