Woman has the internet laughing after sharing a photo of her son

When Shannon Bihamta shared a photograph of her six-month-old son Logan on Reddit recently she probably didn’t realise it would cause the internet to crack up with laughter quite as much as it has. You see, young Logan bears an uncanny resemblance to one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars… Danny Devito!

Baby Logan Bihamta, left, looks very much like Danny Devito. Photo: Reddit / Shutterstock.
Baby Logan Bihamta, left, looks very much like Danny Devito. Photo: Reddit / Shutterstock.

Can you see the resemblance?

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Bihamta was going through photographs and made the startling realisation. “My son used to look like Danny Devito.” she wrote on Reddit.

“I got a laugh out of this picture, so I decided to share it on Reddit,” Bihamta told the Huffington Post. “I hoped to spread some laughter and bring a little break from the political posts.”

That it most definitely has done!

It got us thinking about other look-alike babies, and from Danny Devito to a mini Eric Stonestreet, Gordon Ramsay and a mini Tiger Woods, you can see that the following bubs and toddlers are hilariously close to versions of the grown up stars. It should be noted that these babies are not related to the stars they are said to look like either…

Eric Stonestreet, actor

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Gordon Ramsay, chef

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Wallace Shawn, actor

Friends baby looks like Wallace Shawn… Inconceivable!!

John Legend, singer

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What is that? Velvet?

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Jack Nicholson, actor

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Ted Cruz, politician

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Have you been mistaken for a celebrity? Did your children or grandchildren look like someone famous when they were little? Share your images with us.