Woman becomes internet sensation after cooking "blunder"

When it comes to cooking a nice piece of steak or lamb leaving it, medium rare is preferred by most as it creates a better flavour.  However, that rule doesn’t apply to all meats as one woman is finding out after posting a picture of her food online.

An Australian woman thought she was sharing some helpful snaps of her healthy dinner not knowing that it could cause some serious illness.

Many were quick to tell the woman that chicken is meat that must be cooked all the way through to minimise the risk of getting exposed to salmonella.  The Salmonella bacteria can cause serious health problems which start with diarrhoea, fever, vomiting, and abdominal cramps.

While it has come out that the woman was making fun of the clean eating movement that seems to kick off every New Year, many didn’t see the joke and thought she was serious.  Including one YouTube who made a foul-mouthed response to the picture yelling “you cannot cook chicken with sunlight!”

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Being a tongue in cheek joke is one thing, but the scary realisation is that the picture she used to sell her joke was a picture of someone’s actual dinner.  It’s a Japanese dish called chicken tataki.  Many people love it with one tourist writing “we went with chicken shabu-shabu and a raw chicken tataki (a new experience, as I’d never had raw chicken before). Absolutely delicious. Highly recommended.”

Experts in Japanese cuisine say that the inside of the chicken breast is protected from any bacteria so the outside layers are the ones cooked and the inside is perfectly safe.  There are some restaurants that actually specialise in the dish.

What did you think when you saw the post?  Would you try chicken tataki or stick to a fully cooked chicken breast?