Wimbledon officials under fire for 'gross' rule

White. Only white.

Wimbledon is a tournament which is as well known for its exclusiveness and its rules as it is for its tennis. 

It is attending by the rich, the famous, and the royal, and spectators sip champagne and eat strawberries and cream. No, it is not your average sporting event. 

There is no room for sloppiness, and the rules which protect the eliteness of the event are very much enforced, with no exceptions. Even if you’re a player – or especially if you’re a player. 

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Just ask Austrian player Jurij Rodionov, whose match against Aussie Blake Ellis in the quarterfinals of the boys junior tournament was delayed as officials scrambled to sort out an issue which saw the player banished from the court. 

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The problem? The colour of his underwear. 

Yes, Wimbledon is so exclusive that the dress code of all white must be followed down to the underwear, and an inspection which found that Rodionov was in fact wearing blue boxers instead of tighty-whities. 

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It was only after a pair of white underpants was sourced that the players were able to commence their match – which Rodionov won, by the way. 

Many people think that it’s high-time the All England Club ditched its pedantic and over-the-top dress code, or at least relax it a little. 

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Ben Rothenberg, a writer for the New York Times Tweeted the incident and the ridiculousness of it all as it played out, and captured the moment the offending underwear was revealed. 

He described the practice as “gross”, and plenty agree. 

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And Rodionov wasn’t the only player ordered to change his underwear.

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So, are rules rules, and should be adhered to, or does Wimbledon need to relax a bit?