WikiLeaks exposes Hillary Clinton as Donald Trump tries to fix damage

While it hasn’t been a great day for Donald Trump, it hasn’t been that great for Hillary Clinton either. Donald has tried a lot of things to distance himself from the controversy he has found himself in today only to finally have to bite the bullet and make a full, and read from a teleprompter, apology which is something that he hasn’t done for any of his other controversies.

WikiLeaks have also made sure that Hillary doesn’t have much time to gloat about her opponent’s failures as they released a new batch of emails that Hillary would rather not have come out. Among the leaks were transcripts of the speeches that she gave to Wall Street that she had vowed not to release.

The leaked documents show that Hillary told bankers that she “open trade and open borders” which in essence goes against some of the things that she has said during the campaign.

While it’s hard to know whether or not the leaked materials are 100 percent real it is known that Hillary and her party have named Russia as the people responsible for the hacks. In a statement released from her, campaign Hillary says that the Russians are trying to “sabotage” the election. Hillary tweeted with the statement, “It should concern every American that Russia is willing to engage in such hostile acts in order to help Donald Trump become president.”

Combined with Donald’s allegations that what he talked about was sexual abuse he never actually did it and that Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton did sexual abuse women. Donald also claims that Hillary bullied and abused the same women into not taking legal matters against her husband.

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It’s starting to feel less like an election and more like an episode of House of Cards. While it might feel that way, what all this controversy does do is make the second debate this Sunday must see TV!

What do you make of the controversies? Is either of them fit to be President of the United States?