Why is this guy still on television?

How many chances do we give someone before we say ‘enough is enough’? Surely Mark Latham has had more than one too many chances? And after last night’s apparent confession that he is the person behind a vicious Twitter account, we seriously need to question why we’re giving a voice to someone like this.

On the hideous new shout-fest program called The Verdict last night, host Karl Stefanovic asked Mark Latham whether he was in fact the person using the @RealMarkLatham handle and whether he had to resign from writing his column at Australian Financial Review because of it.

In response to Stefanovic’s questions, Latham said:

“In November last year and again in January this year, The Australian reported that I was tweeting, and from that point on it became a case study of a bunch of silly journalists and some other people beating themselves up on Twitter with ‘is @therealmarklatham the real Mark Latham?’

“100 per cent I’m here. I’m the real Mark Latham,” he said.

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Is that a confession? Most media sites today are calling it one however it seems there’s just the right amount of ambiguity in there to keep “Latho” out of trouble.

In the rude and vitriolic tweets, @RealMarkLatham takes aim at respected female journalist Annabel Crabbe, Australians of the Year Rosie Batty and Adam Goodes, and anyone else who falls foul of his ideology.

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Tell us, do you think Mark Latham’s confession should see him taken off air for good or is a man entitled to his opinions?