White lies and porky pies

We all know what a white lie is.  It is something you do or say to avoid hurting someone’s feelings or getting in a small amount of trouble.  They are harmless and generally of a trivial nature.  They are not designed to fleece people of their time, emotion or their money.

Someone forgot to tell Belle Gibson’s mum.

Natalie Dal-Bello, estranged mother to the disgraced author, bogus cancer survivor and online health guru, says that everyone tells lies.

As reported by the Herald Sun,  “Belle told a white lie, aged 23-and-a-half. So what?”

“Belle is allowed to tell little porky pies. Who the hell doesn’t tell a lie in their life?

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Clearly Ms Dal-Bello’s porky pie register needs recalibration.  Falsely claiming you have cancer in order to promote one’s self, one’s book and one’s charity efforts is not a white lie.  It’s fraud.

A white lie is when little Johnny tells his mum that he brushed his teeth this morning when in fact he really went straight to school. No harm no foul.

A white lie is when you tell say to your husband ‘oh this old frock, I’ve had it for ages’, when you know full well you bought it last week with the matching handbag.

A white lie might be lying about your age, but it most certainly is not claiming to have cured brain cancer (which she didn’t have) using whole foods whilst starting an alternative lifestyle and wellness business from it.

You can apologise for a white lie and most people will move on.  Belle Gibson needs to do a whole lot more than her less than apologetic interview on 60 Minutes, for her once band of merry followers to forgive and forget.

Dal-Bello says “It is time everyone moves on from this and allows Belle to grow and be a mother to her little boy. She should be left alone so she can get her life back on track.”
Maybe a good starting point is a whole-hearted, unfettered apology with a warts and all acceptance of the truth.
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Did Belle tell a white lie or was it a whole lot more?  Tell us, at what point does a white lie become a lot more serious?