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When Mary Donaldson married Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark she promised Australia that although she was moving halfway across the world, she would never forget her roots.

While this still may be true, it seems that Mary has completely forgotten her Aussie accent!

She was filmed chatting with reporters at an event in Rio, where she will be attending the Olympic Games, and from the video you can hear that her Aussie accent is gone and has been replaced with a strong Danish accent instead.

She even had trouble pronouncing some of the English words and had to repeat herself a few times until she got it right.

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It’s not the first time Mary has struggled to speak English either. Nowadays, she is often heard with a strong Danish accent and at the Danish Crown Prince Couple’s Award she clearly fumbled through the English portion of her speech and accidentally started speaking Danish halfway through!

Realising what she’d done, Mary interrupted her self with a laugh, saying “Oh I just switched over Danish! It is the first year out of Denmark.”

Mary had to learn how to speak Danish when she married Frederik and has impressed people around the world with how quickly she picked it up.

She is beloved in Denmark for embracing their culture and working so hard to learn their language and customs.

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But what about her Aussie heritage? When the reporter in Rio asked her who she would be supporting at the Games, Mary said she would support Australia unless they were competing against a Dane. Strewth!

What do you think about Mary’s new accent?

Is she losing touch with her Australian roots? Do you think it would be difficult to have to switch between the two languages?