What is your ideal prime minister?

What is your ideal prime minister? No, not who is your ideal prime minister, but what? What is the sort of person you’d like to run this country? 

Years ago, our prime ministers had the utmost of respect from voters. They were a stoic figure and were in a position of power that we acknowledged. We wouldn’t openly slander our head countryman, nor would we try to have them overturned during a term. They were a much more sold and restless time in Australian politics, albeit with some setbacks and controversy along the way. But what has really changed? Is it us, or is it them?

So today, we want to know, what is your ideal prime minister? How would they look? What would they say? What would they do? What would their standings be on major issues? Tony Abbott spill motions aside, who is this imagined person that we want to run our country, without naming names? Are they like the president of Uruguay who gives away his pay cheque to understand the plight of his people? Or are they a smooth talker? Do they face any challenge bravely, or are they more compassionate?

What is our ideal leader? It’s clear we don’t believe we have the ideal leader, so what could we change, who could step up to do everything we want?

Wait, what is it we want? Higher pensions, less homelessness, better economic stability, lowered terrorism threats? Or do we just simply want to feel like our future is in safe hands?

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Where did we go so wrong? What happened to our true blue Aussie prime minister? Where in this great land is that person who could give us all hope? The sort of person we’re proud to talk about, the sort of person we could smile at on the street, instead of yelling at. The person we could shake hands with and have a hug from. The person who lives and breathes Australia, who fully comprehends our plights. Who grew up in a humble household and knows how to fight.

Who do we want to lead our nation …and where do we want to go? Is there even a slight possibility of a humanitarian, kind, thoughtful leader who works for the every man? Or are Australian politicians in it for something else?

Tell us today: what is your ideal prime minister? What do they look like? What will they do for you?