We've been cooking Brussels sprouts wrong this whole time

Brussels sprouts are one vegetable that seems to divide us.

You either love them or you absolutely hate them.

Do you remember dreading eating them as a kid?

Well, now there’s another thing about Brussels sprouts that could divide us and that is how to cook them.

The chairman of the Brassice Growers Association in Britain has criticised the traditional method of cooking Brussels sprouts.

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That’s right, putting them in a pot and boiling them isn’t the best way to cook them anymore.

The chairman, Matthew Rawson, who grows the vegetable at his farm, told The Sunday Telegraph cutting a small cross in the base of the sprouts makes them “soggy and rubbish”

“Boiling them was traditionally the way of doing it, but putting the cross in puts in too much water,” he said.

“They turn soggy and rubbish. People who do that have ruined the Brussels sprout.”

So, how should we be cooking them?

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Well, according to Rawson, you should try stir-frying, steaming or microwaving the sprouts.

“People now are learning that it is a very versatile vegetable. The big ones lend themselves well to a stir-fry.” he said.

“People are steaming them, and there are fancy microwave packs. It is being driven forward by people who are more creative.”

He points to creative recipes as breaking the negative image surrounding the Brussels sprouts.

The Daily Mail points to a host of new recipes using the sprouts such as Brussels with pancetta and chestnuts, and pistachio and pomegranate sprout salad.

What do you think about this? Do you like cooking Brussels sprouts?