We all want to live longer, but could there be a limit?

Everything we do these days works towards living longer. It is something that we have all started subconsciously factoring into our decision making. We choose to do things that are least risk. We choose to eat the foods that we know will give us prolonged health. We listen to doctors, experts and health professionals on how to live longer. And right now it is working, but what if we have almost reached the upper limit of the human being lifespan?

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In the last decade, the people living past 100 has risen by 71% and this is because we are being a lot more conscious about our lifestyle choices. But Professor Sir Colin Blakemore has said that there is a limit on how long we can live. We may all live to be 120 within a few more years, but this will be our absolute limit.

He believes that living longer than 120 years is so rarely exceeded that even with medical advances and the technologies available to us, it is unlikely that this threshold will ever be increased.

The Times reports that these claims were made at a legal and general conference earlier this week. So what does this mean for us over 60s, who will soon make 21% of the entire global population?

Would you want to reach 120? Do you have  desire to live longer than that? Do you think that the good quality of life runs out before we hit 120 years old? Share your thoughts in the comments below…