Warren Beatty's son is his hero

When you think of the classic Hollywood “bad boy” the name Warren Beatty can’t be far from your mind. The man was linked to a number of leading ladies in his days in showbiz However he met his match in 1991 when he met Annette Bening.

Warren and Annette fell in love while making the movie Bugsy and were married a time after. However, by the end of the filming of this movie she was already pregnant with their first child, Stephen.

Stephen was born Kathlyn Elizabeth but identified as transgender at the age of 14. Now a successful writer and poet, Stephen is also an activist for gender identity. He has had the full support of his parents the entire way. Warren even told Vanity Fair this week “He’s a genius, and my hero, as are all my children”.

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At 79-years-old Warren is starting to see his nest empty as two of his four children have moved out. Warren continues to show he has a way with words, even about this, saying, “there’s something about the empty nest that makes you say, ‘Well, maybe I should go out and make a movie.’ It’s like Cocteau said [quoting the French poet Paul Valery], ‘A poem is never finished, it’s only abandoned.’ And that’s the way it is with movies—like children. You continue to work on them, and work on them, but then you have to let them go.”

A doting grandfather who is about to make his long anticipated return to the director’s chair and acting in a new film about eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes titled Rules Don’t Apply. It seems that Warren went from bad boy to great man with a beautiful family and a career to be proud of.

Featured image by DFree / Shutterstock.com