Want a tree change? Rent a house for $1 a week with no catches

It sounds like a trick – surely there’s nowhere in Australia that you could rent a house for $1? Actually there is, and there’s more than one. The best part is that there aren’t any catches, but you would have to enjoy the countryside.

In an effort to attract families and people from the cities to the country, farmers and property owners in rural parts of Australia are renting out their homes for $1 a week.

Rural towns such as Cumnock, Errowanbang and Molong in NSW and Wicheproof in Victoria all have the bargains on the market so that they can keep their local businesses and farms going.

Cumnock resident Christine Weston started the Rent-a-farmhouse initiative in 2008 to bring new life to her town of 280 people near Orange in NSW.

“Country life still appeals to many families, but it doesn’t always make financial sense for them. We’re trying to change that,” Ms Weston told The Daily Telegraph.

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Ms Weston also said that the farmhouses offered on the Rentafarmhouse site needed a little bit of TLC and may suit a handy man or woman.

You can check out the list of properties here.


Tell us today, would you move to the country and pay $1 rent?