Want a flexible employer and to set your own hours, whilst making good money?

This is without a doubt, the most interesting and effective way for over 60s to make money ASAP, especially if they have a car under 10 years old.

I have to admit, when I travel interstate, I almost always use Uber to get around. The latest ride-sharing craze is no longer just a crazy internet company that doesn’t apply to the everyday person – they are in fact a sensible, affordable and convenient transport option for those who need to get around anywhere in the world. But more than that, for over 60s, they are a legitimately appreciative employer, with flexibility that suits the life of many. Drivers for Uber can clock on and clock off for as many hours as they want each week, get paid weekly and earn 80 per cent of the takings from their driving into their own pockets. When you consider a trip to the airport in most cities can cost up to $50 or more, and is done in less than an hour, that is not an unreasonable hourly rate.

I ride in Ubers all the time when I am out of my home city. I am always overjoyed when I see an over 60 driver and hear their story of what has brought them to Uber. In fact, I’ve enjoyed it so much in recent weeks I feel compelled to write about Uber as a potential employer as well as a transport option today.

Driving for Uber is not restricted to age groups, or types of people. Anyone over 21 with a valid driver’s licence, car insurance, a clean record and a car, can tap into the driver system. No previous experience is required. All you need is a car with four doors that meet your city’s requirements (usually 9 years or newer).

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From an insurance perspective, you must hold compulsory third party (CTP) plus third party property insurance and be a listed driver on the insurance policy.

And it is lucrative. There are no upfront fees to become an Uber driver. Uber charges a 20 per cent commission on your fares that they say goes toward getting you more riders and better tools keep your business running. As an Uber driver, you keep the rest. Weekly payments are deposited automatically into your bank account via direct deposit, and drivers receive a statement showing their earnings for each trip that week.

As a passenger I find Uber particularly convenient. I often travel for work, and when I do so, I want to use my credit card for transactions so I can track them. The problem with this is that taxis charge a large penalty to credit card users of up to 10 per cent just to process your card. Uber is not like this. In fact, from the minute you order your Uber, the experience is smooth. You see the car assigned to you, find out the driver’s name and rego details and can see it approaching in real time. There is none of the inconvenience you get when a taxi company says they have sent a car, but frankly they haven’t and it doesn’t show up for ages, leaving you stuck.

For those who need to earn a few extra dollars, have a licence and an appropriate car, Uber might just be a flexible, convenient way to earn some money. At the very least, it’s also a great way to get around yourself!


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