Viral video of extraction from ear has viewers horrified and sick

There's a good chance you'll sleep like this after watching the video.

One thing about the internet is, there is never a shortage of revolting material to view, medical or otherwise. 

Perhaps it’s an insight into human behaviour that videos of various medical procedures are so hugely popular online, with pimple and blackhead extraction videos having hundreds of thousands of fans all waiting for the next big squeeze. 

But this latest viral video is not for the faint-hearted, and could possibly make even Doctor Pimple Popper’s biggest fan reach for a basin. 

This one claims to have been filmed by an earn, nose, and throat surgeon (ENT), and shows – in great, magnified detail – the extraction of a huge, solid mass of what appears at first to be a build up of earwax from a patient’s ear canal. 

Only at the end of the video do you realise that it is not earwax at all, and this is what is horrifying viewers most. 

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See the video below – it is gross, but you can’t look away!

If you can’t bring yourself to watch it, the “thing” that ends up being pulled out with tweezers is a cockroach. 

The worst thing about this is that if you read the comments, you’ll find that having creatures making their way into the ear canal isn’t uncommon. 

“Had a cockroach crawl into my ear nearly twenty years ago,” one woman wrote on Facebook in the comments.

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“I remember it like it was almost yesterday such a scary and horrible time, nothing like hearing a bug squealing in a high pitch after it has been sprayed with antiseptic to kill it before the nurses try to extract it out.”

Another wrote, “I had a moth in my ear as a kid. This sort of stuff scares me. I put my head on the pillow during summer and it went up my ear. Dad then put olive oil on it (thinking it was a small bug, even though I was screaming in pain) and so the huge moth went further in, so many hours later we went to ED to get it out. Both my folks looked like terrible parents not believing their 10 year old daughter. Very painful.”

It’s disgusting, but oddly satisfying to see it being pulled out, which is apparently what attracts so many people to watching videos like this. 

Have you ever had anything crawl into your ear?