Viewers left cringing over Alec Baldwin's Tony Bennett impression

Tony and Alec took to the stage together.

Last night legendary singer Tony Bennett celebrated his 90th birthday in style with a star-studded event in his honour.

Big name acts like Michael Buble, Billy Joel and Elton John all performed, while a host of other celebs watched on in the crowd.

One man who got everyone talking though was Alec Baldwin who did an impersonation on Tony as the two stood on stage together.

So how did he do? Well while some people were left in awe and called it “spot on”, others said they couldn’t get through it without cringing.

Within minutes of it airing on TV, thousands of people were on social media talking about it and opinions were divided.

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Millions of baby boomers around the world have loved Tony’s music for years, with the crooner still singing and performing now.

For what it’s worth, he seemed to like the impression and was chuckling along as Alec stood next to him in a grey wig.

He was in on the gag, joking that his real name was actually Phoney Bennett while the crowed laughed along.

“OMG Alec Baldwin imitating TONY BENNETT what a treat tonight …90… What a KOOL KAT,” wrote one over 60s fan.

“That was literally one of the worst impressions I’ve ever seen,” said another.

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Alec has gained huge popularity lately for his impressions of Donald Trump, so should he just stick to that?

Since everyone else is talking about, we thought the boomers deserved a shot too!

What do you think?

Is this a good impression, or terrible? Are you a fan of Tony Bennett?