US supermarket claims it invented great Aussie snack

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Bakery treats are an Aussie classic.

It’s no secret America likes to lay claim to a whole host of inventions, but when it comes to its latest attempt, we have to protest.

Australians and Brits are scratching their heads today after US supermarket Trader Joe’s released its new savoury snack, the Puff Dog.

The only problem? The puff dog is a sausage wrapped in puff pastry — essentially a sausage roll, or for those of you playing in jolly old England, a pig in a blanket.

The Trader Joe’s website says they got the idea from the classic American hot dog and reinvented it to create “all-beef dog swaddled in a perfectly flaky-when-cooked puff pastry”.

They went on the claim “this marriage of beefy and buttery is pretty genius”.

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puff dogs
The Puff Dogs are causing a lot of fuss. Image: Trader Joe’s

Social media quickly lit up with comments from outraged Australians and Brits, many of whom pointed out that sausage rolls were invented in the early 19th Century.

“Trader Joes claiming that it’s invented the Sausage Roll and is calling it a Puff Dog. That is shameful behaviour,” said one angry Brit on Twitter.

“I am literally dying laughing! American store Trader Joe’s claims to invent a new snack called a ‘puff dog’. But it’s just a sausage roll?” wrote Kairin Mizka on Facebook.

Do you think they should change the name? Would you eat this?