US Green's candidate raises enough money to demand vote recounts

US Green's candidate Jill Stein. Source: YouTube

You might not remember, but in the US election there was more than just Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton running as candidates.

In fact there were several other candidates in the running as well.

Among them was Green’s candidate Jill Stein, you know, the woman Susan Sarandon was backing.

You might be wondering why we’re even talking about her?

Well, Stein has raised more than $5 million in an effort to have votes recounted in three key battleground states.

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That’s right, she is demanding recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – three states where Donald Trump narrowly beat Hillary Clinton.

So, why is she pushing for a recount?

Well, while she has no evidence of any fraud, she believes the voting systems were vulnerable, according to reports in The Guardian.

Stein told CNN there was “compelling evidence of voting anomalies”.

“We do not have a smoking gun,” she said.    

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“On the other hand, we have a system that invites hacking, tampering and malfeasance.”

But she insisted that the idea of a recount wasn’t to block Trump from becoming the president.

“Both of the candidates were at the highest level of distrust and dislike in our history and in my view, we as voters deserve a voting system that we can believe in,” she said.

“And to my mind, having a verified vote is just a first step.”

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Stein is set to file for a recount in Wisconsin today, while the deadlines for Michigan and Pennsylvania are next week.

The news comes are Clinton’s lead in the popular vote over Trump reached more than two million votes this week.

It also follows calls for Clinton to challenge the election result after electoral lawyers and computer scientists claimed to have found strong evidence of hacking and manipulation of votes in the three states.

What do you think? Should there be a recount? Or is it time for the world to move on?