Turns out this is what new MPs learn on their first day at work

Remember your first day at work, learning all of the important things about your job?

Well it turns out our newest Federal MPs have to do the same.

But instead of learning about important policies or the big issues that affect average Australians, the 39 new MPs will spend their two day ‘Orientation Week’ focusing on how Parliament works.

The Australian reports that early today the MPs gathered in the House of Representatives for a quick lesson on Parliamentary procedure by Speaker Tony Smith.

The speaker told the class of 2016 to understand that each MP will bring different philosophical ideas to the Parliament.

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“This chamber is the arena where the battle of ideas and ideals takes place,” he said.

“Of course, sometimes that contest will get willing; sometimes question time gets very willing.”

So what are they actually learning?

Just like your would expect at your grandchild’s first day at school, the focus of the new MPs Orientation Week is the dos and don’ts of Parliament, and where to go and when.

Armed with maps, the new MPs will also spend today and tomorrow finding their way around Parliament House’s 4500 rooms.

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Apparently the corridors of the 250,000 square metre Parliament Building are so perfectly symmetrical that they’re almost identical.

Imagine getting lost in a building of politicians – what a horrifying thought!

The new MPs admitted their fears of getting lost or not understanding parliamentary procedure as they spoke about attending what’s been dubbed ‘MP school’.

So what did the MPs think of their first day in Parliament House?

Nationals MP Damian Drum likened the day to “Play School”, while Liberal MP Julian Leeser said he was keen to meet his new colleagues and learn how parliament functions.

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On the Opposition, Labor MP Matt Keogh admitted the “unknown unknowns” would be the biggest learning curve.

“The things I don’t know I need to know,” he said.

Meanwhile, fellow Labor MP Cathy O’Toole said she was looking forward to “getting down to business”.

The job of governing the country officially begins when the new Parliament sits for the first time in two weeks.

What should our newest pollies spend their Orientation Week learning about? Is there more important things to learn than how Parliament works?