Trick revealed: How to free a shopping trolley without coins

The trick has been revealed and it's easier than you think.

If you’ve made an unplanned trip to ALDI or any other supermarket that has coin trolleys, you can relate to this: You see great deals, buy a bunch of things impulsively, and then as soon as you pay you realise that you should have prepared a coin for that trolley.

But for marketing specialist Arturs Mednis, this problem is not in his dictionary.

He has actually figured out how to unlock con trolleys without using the coin and no, not using chocolates but this one thing that we’ve all been carrying around – keys.

According to Mednis, all you need to do is stick the back of the key (which has a shape of a coin) in to the coin slot and the lock will disengage.

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Some shoppers say that it’s wrong to do this because you are meant to insert a coin and not a key but others argue that coins were put in place so that people would return the trolleys so if they return the trolley, all is well. What do you think?

Photo: Twitter @arturs Photo: Twitter @arturs

Would you ever do this?