Tony Abbott hits back at Malcolm Turnbull.... again

Former PM Tony Abbott has hit back at PM Malcolm Turnbull a few times in the public arena. Source: YouTube

Since Malcolm Turnbull rolled Tony Abbott in September 2015 we’ve become used to seeing them battle it out with a war of words in the public arena.

Both have been critical of each other’s government’s since, and it’s lead to all kinds of accusations – including claims that Abbott wants his old job back.

But if you were thinking 2017 might be different, think again.

On Wednesday, Turnbull promoted Arthur Sinodinos to the role of Industry Minister, but it’s what he said in his speech that has Abbott talking.

“As Cabinet Secretary, Arthur restored traditional cabinet processes,” Turnbull told the ABC.

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“That being done, he can now turn his talents to a frontline portfolio and the Cabinet Secretary function can return to the Prime Ministers’ Office, as has been the practice of Coalition governments in the past.”

So, what was Abbott unhappy about with that speech?

Well, it seems he took Turnbull’s comment about restoring “traditional cabinet processes” as a swipe at his time as Prime Minister.

Abbott said it was “absolutely false” to say cabinet processes needed improving after his time as Prime Minister

“As I have said to the Prime Minister on many times, I will defend the record of my government,” he told the ABC.

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“It was a very good government — sure it only lasted two years — but an enormous amount was done in just two years.

“You don’t have such a record of success without a very strong and orthodox cabinet process.”

He also defended himself on Twitter.

“I congratulate the new ministers on their promotion,” he wrote.

“but should point out that traditional cabinet processes operated at all times between 2013 and 2015.

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“A govt without proper process would not have stopped the boats, concluded the big FTAs and made a very strong start to budget repair.”

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What do you make of Tony Abbott’s response to Malcolm Turnbull? Are you happy with the behaviour of the former or current Prime Minister?