This trick turns an old T-shirt into something really useful

Do you have lots of old t-shirts lying around but not willing to give them away? And throwing them away is probably out of the question as that is just wasting all that money you’ve spent.

Instead of keeping them in your wardrobe or even storage, why not make something really useful out of them?

And no, we’re not talking about using them as kitchen wipes.

T-shirts are made of really absorbent materials so Instructables user, Suzelac, decided to turn her old pile of t-shirts into something useful AND unique – t-shirt rugs!

All you need are t-shirts, a pair of sciccors, needle and thread and that’s it.

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Step-by-step instructions

1. Cut your t-shirt into long uniform strips.


2. Take 3 strips and braid them together but not too tight because that would make them curl.


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3. Take the braided “ropes” and coil them together until they form a rug. At the back, sew the ropes together like this.


4. You can keep on going until the rug reaches the size you desire.


This rug is perfect for anywhere in the house and even makes a great one for pets!

What do you usually do with old t-shirts?