This Irish marriage equality ad will melt you

With the results on the Irish Marriage Equality Referendum still unknown at this time, we simply have to share with you this incredible advertisement designed to encourage people to cross the generational divide on the subject.  The ad is one of a series of short videos that have been used to promote the event and encourage people to vote.

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The generation gap in the same sex marriage debate is, according to American Pollsters, Gallup, the largest issue to overcome with American data showing that many over 65 still remain opposed to the shift in attitudes.  And 65 is not a generation that can be dismissed these  days as old or irrelevant.  Increasingly, we are seeing people stand up and take notice of this generation and increase the reach to them directly.

As one blogger said, “These are our aunts and uncles, our mentors, and our teachers. It’s also a generation that remembers an era when homosexuality was still something best kept to oneself.”